Frequently Asked Questions

At Code 3 RV we understand that renting an RV can be seen as a new and exciting experience, even for experienced RVers. It is our priority to make your experience as convenient and problem-free as possible. Take a look at our detailed FAQs to see answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding RV rentals.

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What do I need to rent an RV?

You need to be at least 25 years old with a valid driver’s license. We require the names & licenses of all drivers who will be operating the RV. If renting a motorhome, you will also need to provide a valid insurance binder. All drivers MUST be at least 25 years old.

What if I get a voicemail when I call?

Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Do I need a Class A license in order to rent a Class A vehicle?

No. A Class C license holder is fully allowed to drive a Class A vehicle.

Can I purchase an electronic brake controller from Code 3 RV?

Yes! Code 3 RV can provide and install the electronic brake controller for you – call us to set up an appointment!

Do you have a minimum amount of days required when renting?

We do require a three-day/two night minimum rental period. RVs may be reserved up to one year ahead of the scheduled rental period.

How early can I pick up my RV Rental?

As of November 6, 2017, we no longer pick up service. We will be maintaining a strict delivery only policy going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may provide.

When is my RV rental due back?

*Required drop-off is no later than 8am the day after your scheduled return date.


*(Motorhomes Only)

Do you offer after hours drop off?

*Yes, you can drop off your RV rental even when we’re closed!  You can return the vehicle anywhere on our lot. There is a key box located next to our office entrance. Please ensure you have locked all doors and exterior compartments & have removed all personal items prior to dropping keys.


*(Motorhomes Only)

Can I extend my current RV rental?

This is dependent completely upon the vehicle’s availability. If you want to extend your current rental period, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll evaluate your request.

Will you deliver an RV to my camp site?

Yes! We offer delivery services to most campgrounds and state beaches. We do charge an extra fee for this service, but it includes: delivery, set-up, full vehicle orientation, and pick up at the end of the rental. Please call us for more information.

Is my reservation deposit refundable?

If you cancel outside of thirty days of your departure date, we will refund your reservation deposit via the payment method used to collect the payment.

If you cancel within thirty days of your departure date the reservation deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee.

Are there any charges due when I bring back my RV rental?

At Code 3 RV, we charge you for what you use, not for what you don’t. When you return your rental, we will evaluate your propane, fuel (for motorhomes & generators), & mileage (for motorhomes) usage for any post rental fees.

Can I top off propane & fuel on my own before I return my RV?

Yes! There are no fuel charges due when you return the vehicle at the same levels it was given to you at the start of your rental.

Do I have to clean the RV before I return it?

No. Standard cleaning is already included when you reserve a unit with Code 3 RV.

Are there fees for excess cleaning?

Yes. Although standard cleaning is included with your rental, we charge $25 per hour, with a one hour minimum, for any excessive cleaning required when you return your RV.

When will my security deposit be returned?

Your security deposit will be returned within 7-10 business days of your rental return. This is done automatically via your financial institution.

Can I get a partial refund for being my rental back early?

Code 3 RV does not refund any unused days during your rental. You will be charged for your original rental period even if you return the rental early.

Are there late fees for returning the RV after my designated drop-off date & time?

*RVs returned after 8am the day following their scheduled return date will be charged an extra day as a late fee. Please keep in mind that another family may have reserved your RV, and we need sufficient time to inspect, clean, and prepare the RV between rentals.


*(Motorhomes Only)

Do I need my own hitch for renting a towable RV?

No. We will provide all the hitch-work necessary for your towable RV rental.

Do I need to purchase the RV power cord, water hose, and sewer hose prior to renting an RV?

No. We will provide the campsite hook ups for your rental.

Is there toilet paper, linen, kitchen supplies, etc. included with the RV?

Code 3 RV provides two free rolls of septic safe toilet paper with each rental. We also provide a fire extinguisher, extra fuses/bulbs, a level, barbecue lighter, and latex gloves. Kitchen supplies can be purchased for $35 and linen packages can be purchased for $65 each.

What's the gas mileage for your motorhomes?

This is completely dependent on the weight of the vehicle (including luggage & guests), driving style, and terrain. However, the average motorhome gets typically between 8-10 miles per gallon on average.

Do you offer bike racks?

Yes! We rent bike racks for $50 per rack with each rack being able to hold up to four bikes. This is only for motorhome RV rentals.

Do the RVs come with generators?

Only our toy haulers & motorhomes come with generators installed. You can enjoy unlimited generator usage when renting a toy hauler. We offer three free hours of onboard generator usage per day of your trip when renting a motorhome. We can provide a portable generator for $45 per day/$250 week.

I'm going dry camping. Can you provide portable fresh water and waste tanks for my trip?

Yes! We offer a Dry Camping Package that includes one portable generator, five 6 gallon jugs of fresh water, and a portable grey water waste tank for $295.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! We allow pets in our RVs for an additional $125 pet fee. Please keep in mind that an excessive cleaning fee could be charged due to mess left behind by your pet.

Can I smoke inside the RV?

No. Code 3 RV does not allow smoking of any kind inside our RVs. This includes incense, e-cigarettes, vape pens, or cannabis smoking paraphernalia. If you are found to have smoked inside the RV, you will incur a $500.00 deep cleaning fee.

Does the motorhome/portable generator use premium or regular unleaded fuel?

All Code 3 RV motorhomes and portable generators use regular unleaded fuel.

Can people be inside the RV while it's being transported?

Guests can be inside of Class A & Class C motorhomes while the vehicle is in motion. The driver & passenger are required to wear seat belts at any time the vehicle is in motion. Guests cannot be inside of a moving travel trailer or toy hauler.

How many seat belts are in the RV?

This is completely dependent on the number of seat belts provided by the manufacturer. Please call us for more information regarding specific models.

Do you provide roadside assistance?

No. Customers who have roadside assistance service through their automobile insurer, should use it for any roadside assistance required during the rental. If additional assistance is required, please call us immediately.

What should I do if I get into an accident or the RV has been vandalized?

If your RV has been involved in a traffic collision or other accident, or has been vandalized, please notify local law enforcement and Code 3 RV immediately. You are required to obtain and provide a full written police report.